Meeting of 25 June 2014


1.  Regarding purchase of own shares of INVL Baltic Farmland, AB

A reserve for purchase of own shares, which is equal to LTL 10,659,595.78, was formed in INVL Baltic Farmland.

Seeking to ensure for shareholders a possibility to sell company's shares, to delegate the Board to adopt decisions, on the basis of conditions set out below, on purchase of own shares of INVL Baltic Farmland through the market of official offer of NASDAQ OMX Vilnius, in accordance with the market rules.

Max number of shares to be acquired - the total nominal value of own shares acquired during the whole period may not exceed 1/10 of share capital.
The period during which the company may acquire its own shares - 12 months from the day of this resolution.
The maximum one share acquisition price - EUR 4.00 (LTL 13.81), minimum one share acquisition price - EUR 2.86 (LTL 9.88).
Purchased own shares may be cancelled by the decision of the General Shareholders Meeting or sold by the decision of the Board upon the condition that minimum sale price for one share isn't lower than value of consolidated equity per one share calculated according to the last financial statements of INVL Baltic Farmland, which was announced before the decision of the Board, and the sale procedure will ensure equal possibilities for all shareholders to purchase these shares.
The Board of INVL Baltic Farmland, in accordance with this resolution and the requirements of the Company Law of the Republic of Lithuania, is delegated to organise purchase and sale of own shares, to determine order, time, amount and price of acquired and purchased shares, as well as to perform other actions related to the purchase and sale of own shares.